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What kind of skills can be worked on through ABA therapy? Any area of need, but common targeted domains include: Social skills, emotional regulation, communication skills, learning to follow classroom routines, study skills, daily living skills, vocational skills, psychological flexibility, aggression, self-harm, potty training, self-care habits etc.

What ages can Peak Behavior help? We serve individuals ages 2-21 years old. We also work with families, and all stakeholders to best serve our clients.

What does ABA therapy look like? A Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) will assess your child and create an individualized treatment plan. A Registered Behavior Technician (RBT), under the supervision of a BCBA will work with your child directly on each targeted goal. Data is collected each session and closely analyzed on so the team can make data-informed decisions for optimal treatment progress.

How many hours of ABA should my child receive? During the first complimentary phone consultation, one of our team members will conduct a medical needs assessment. Based off of the results of that assessment, a BCBA will help you understand the recommended treatment hours for your child.

How are parents, caregivers, and other stakeholders involved? Parents and caregivers are a vital piece of our client’s success. We require parents and caregivers to be a part of the treatment process by attending regular meetings, engaging in on-going discussions and being an active member of the treatment team. We encourage collaboration among all professionals working with each client we serve for a comprehensive treatment plan.

Does my child need a formal diagnosis of autism to receive treatment at Peak Behavior? No. Although a formal diagnosis can help with insurance coverage, we do not require a formal diagnosis of any kind to receive services.

Do you require background checks on your BCBAs and RBTs? Yes. At Peak Behavior, every employee is required to pass a variety of background checks, reference checks and go through an extensive interview process.

Does my insurance cover ABA therapy? Each insurance plan is different. Contact us and a Peak Behavior team member will be happy to help with finding answers to your insurance questions and understanding your patient responsibility.

Is ABA ethical treatment for my child? Ethics are critical in ABA therapy. Every BCBA at Peak Behavior is required to target socially significant behaviors, which are behaviors that are meaningful and important to the individual and the families we serve. Every service provider at Peak Behavior is required to abide by our ethics code. (Insert link to BACB ethics codes for BCBAs and RBTs) To learn more, visit:

In what areas are services provided? We can provide services anywhere in the state of Utah. Contact us to find out what services are available in your area!

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